• neo

    Called Together | Part II

    If you haven’t had a chance to read part I of this blog you can find it here. The Struggle for Community If you accept the challenge of being called to come together, and I’m hoping that you will, a word of warning: We don’t solve loneliness by surrounding ourselves with...

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  • neo

    Called Together | Part I

    The word the Bible uses for church, ekklesia, means “called out ones.” The church consists of people who have been called out from every nation in the world. However, the church isn’t only ‘called out’, we are also ‘called together’. “All the...

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  • neo

    Waiting in the Wasteland: Past + Present

     Through the month of August, we’ve journeyed through the Old Testament book of Joel. We did the series because we are living in interesting days. The Bible is clear that God has everything under control. That said, the Bible calls us to share what we know with the world. As early as...

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Access the top 5 teachings from Craig
  • Greatness is found in simply pointing people to Jesus
  • The needs of the world are met, one person at a time, one life at a time.
  • Yes, this world outside is different. But if we truly embrace it, people are for us, not against us.
  • There is no room for condemnation in the church. And if we don't get this right, we will lose this next generation.