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    Who is in your corner?

    At the end of our monthly Water's Edge Network meetings we ask our network team what they've seen working well in the churches we serve. We ask this question because one of the blessings of having a network family is that we get to experience first hand those ministries, practices, and initiatives that God is using in our family of churches. Having heard what's working well we then ask, “What can we at Central learn from this?”


    In one such meeting we talked about something called “Corner Cards”, being used by Captivate Church in San Diego. From the moment a person makes a decision to make Captivate Church their spiritual home, the church gives them a Corner Card. The Corner Card is a tool which helps a church member live intentionally and personalize the kingdom in the corner of the world that God has placed them.


    Based on the story of the demoniac in the Gospel of Mark, the concept is that Jesus intentionally sends people home and that being fully at home is one of the most powerful arenas for the ministry of Christ.


    If you know the story of the demoniac, you'll know that after Jesus healed him the man asked to follow Jesus. In his reply to the man Jesus says: “Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you” (Mark 5:19).


    Jesus has, until this point, intentionally called people to follow. Yet here he tells the man to stay in a town that was asking Jesus to leave. What initially appears confusing is cleared up a few chapters later Jesus passes through that area and people flock to him. The reason for the change in tone is the power of the man's testimony about Jesus. That man quite literally influenced his corner of the world for Jesus. He was a powerful force for Christ by going where he'd been planted.


    The Corner Card is based on the truth that what was true for that man and in that town can be true for God's people today too. We can be a significant missional force by intentionally embracing our corner of the world. The Corner Card is a tool designed to help us prioritize our part of the world. As our team engaged with this tool, we believed God was leading us to introduce this tool to our church too.


    Here's how it works.


    LIST Write down 5 people with whom you have developed relational equity.

    PRAY Daily pray for these people, that they would sense God’s presence in their life and be open to his love.

    INVEST Look for creative ways to bless and be generous towards your people.

    INVITE Extend an invitation to church or your small group gatherings regularly, remembering that it can take 7 times for someone to actually feel invited.

    LEAD Become an example of Christ to them and a minister of grace.


    As a church we desire to reach our community more than ever before with the love of Jesus. In the coming weeks we will be using Corner Cards throughout our age based ministries and adult community groups to be even more missional. 


    Corner Cards will be available at Central in the Worship Center, Information Desk and Info Stands this Sunday and we will be celebrating this missional tool for seasons to come. 


    We desire to reach every corner with the Hope + Life of Jesus. Who is in your corner?  


    Looking forward to another great Sunday here at Central.



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