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    A Church Scattered: Easter 2020

    Church Family
    It’s hard to believe that we’ve started our journey toward Easter. If someone would have told me that I would spend Palm Sunday in worship from my home, not able to worship with my church family, I would have figured I was a missionary in a land hostile to the Christian faith. I never would have imagined that a virus could bring our nation to a halt—but it has.
    We initially hoped to be worshipping together again next Sunday, Easter Sunday. When it became evident that we would not be able to be worship together for Easter, I found myself emotionally distressed. Easter is a highlight of the year and the thought of worshipping at home didn’t feel like Easter to me at all.
    In that moment, the Spirit prompted me to look at the Easter story again. I know we pastors say things like that easily, but I really did sense the Spirit prompting me to look at the Easter story through different eyes. I opened the Bible to the Easter story in every Gospel and as I read I saw how a significant number of early encounters with the resurrected Jesus occurred in a home.

    Luke 24:29-31 Disciples on the road to Emmaus don’t realize it’s Jesus until he breaks bread with them at home.
    Luke 24:36 To the Eleven, in a home.
    John 20:19 To the Disciples, in a home.
    John 20:26 One week later to Thomas, "in the same house."

    As much as Easter brings people to church, the first Easter happened with people gathered in their homes. Fear and anxiety compelled the first followers of Jesus to lock themselves away in a home. It is into that reality that the resurrected Jesus appeared to bring them hope that the things they feared most would not overcome them.
    It is into a very similar emotional reality that the resurrected Jesus wants to appear to us, this year. We too find ourselves in our homes, many of us anxious about the future. This year, the risen Lord Jesus wants to come into our homes and speak peace to us. Jesus wants to assure us that He goes before us too.
    It’s with this mindset that we will journey toward Easter.

    Here’s a reminder of what is ahead of us this week. In addition to all the regular happenings, keep an eye out for these special opportunities to connect.

    • Join us for Midweek Worship, Wednesday at 7PM with Pastor Kory Cassell, live online.

    • Good Friday join us live online at 12, 5:30, or 7PM. We look forward to sharing communion together during this time—if you are able, have some bread or crackers and juice prepared.

    • Easter Sunday join us in the morning at 9 & 10:45 or at 1 & 7PM. We will be worshipping live online and have a very special service lined up for you all!

    I am so looking forward to gathering together with you all. Until that time, I am thankful for the fact that the risen Lord Jesus makes a point of appearing to His followers in a home. I am thankful that what He has done before, He can and will do again!
    While we are scattered, please let us know how we can serve you by emailing care@centralwesleyan.org. While we are socially distanced, we don’t want you to live isolated from the hope and life that Jesus offers. Please don’t suffer in silence and isolation. We are here to serve you however we can.
    Thankful for you. Blessing God for the resurrected Jesus!

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