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    The Water's Edge Network was started by Central Wesleyan Church of Holland, Michigan in 2016. Recognizing that God blesses His people to be a blessing, Central determined to practice organizationally what God requires of His people personally. This commitment to "organizational generosity" with a "kingdom" rather than a church mindset, had long been the foundation of Central before I arrived. My task was to refocus that commitment. Harnessing that generous and kingdom DNA, we transitioned to being a multi-site church with a difference, embracing more of a multi-church model.


    At the heart of our network family is a commitment to empower local leaders leading local churches in strategic places around the world. Through localizing leadership, decentralizing decision-making, and synchronizing essential systems, we’ve seen God keep us united, grow us stronger, and propel us more powerfully into the world. I’m under no allusions that the path I led Central on was a bold one. The brand new 2019/20 Annual Report provides a snapshot of how God has blessed this faith-filled path. You can check it out here.


    When we began, the challenge was believing that God would bless this road. Today, our challenge is discerning where to go from here; so blessed is that road and so numerous are now the possibilities.



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