• Look Alikes

    This morning I walked out of my office and headed towards Frank’s office. Frank is our administration and finance director and his office is just around the corner from mine. My head was full of data and details that I needed to run by our financial guru.
    Todd, our associate pastor, offices right next to me and I always turn my head to greet him as I walk by. I’ve done that so often that it has become a default reaction. Today I walked by and his door was open. I turned my head to the left and there was Todd sitting on the sofa in his office. “Morning Todd,” I began.
    “Morning,” came the reply – with a smile …
    Nothing unusual about that, hey? Except It wasn’t Todd. Todd is in Africa! He left Sunday and is gone for a week.
    I laughed and quickly corrected myself. “Morning Mark.”
    Mark is Todd’s brother and they are twins.
    Unless you know them it’s pretty tough to tell them apart. In fact, it’s so tough that a little while ago I did something quite underhand. To start a series called “Look Alikes” I substituted Mark for Todd in one part of the service without telling the congregation. Mark took Todd’s role at one Campus while Todd spoke at the other. The switch worked. The congregation were none the wiser until I told them during my message.
    Of course a few folks knew straight away. Many knew something was up but couldn’t put their finger on what it was. The rest were blissfully unaware…
    We have a busy month coming up in STF. What with student camps, mission trips, and VBS hundreds of people will hear the Gospel for the first time. My prayer is simple: that people would look at our leaders and volunteers and do a double-take because they serve in such a way that they ‘look like’ Jesus.
    As is written in 1st Corinthians chapter 11 verse 1: 

    Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.

    May all entrusted with responsibility over these coming weeks lead in a way that radiates the glory of Christ!

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