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    Many Reasons to Praise

    This Sunday I continue our Ancient Mind, Modern Heart series with a message from Psalm 67 entitled, Beginning at the End. One phrase is repeated in Psalm 67: “May the peoples praise you, God; may all the peoples praise you” (67:3, 5).

    We have many reasons to praise God as the message of the Gospel moves from Holland to the ends of the world.

    Yesterday morning I met with Pastor Melinda Priest for the last time as a member of staff at Central. Today was Melinda’s last day on staff as she and Jason prepare to move to Boston. The Reach Boston initiative is in full swing and Central has stepped up to help with support. If you want to stay updated on what is happening in Boston, please send the Priest’s an email at info@reachboston.org. They are hoping to have a website up in the next few weeks. They will appreciate your prayers as their family enters this new season. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Melinda and I’m sure we can all agree that the Priest’s have made an incredible contribution to our church. As painful as it is for us to say farewell, we must remember that the call on the church is to go into all the world. That call is profoundly personal and in leaving for Boston Melinda and Jason are modelling that for us.

    We’re called to practice this call as a community as well. That’s why we started the Water’s Edge Network. Since 2015, God has done incredible things taking us from one church in one place to a family of churches scattered across the globe. Continuing that progress was the reason that last weekend the membership of Central had the opportunity to vote on two matters.

    First, there was a vote needed for us to amend the articles of incorporation. The articles hadn’t been amended since 1994 and the 96% vote in favor gives us the mandate to make the proposed changes. These changes reflect the new reality of the multi-site Central.

    Second, there was the matter of approving the plan of merger with Overflow Church located in Benton Harbor. The 92% vote in favor of the merger means that the District Board of Administration of the West Michigan District of The Wesleyan Church will now be tasked with the final approval. They meet tomorrow, Friday, June 29, and we’ll let you know as soon as we possibly can about their decision.

    In keeping with the going theme, we’ve also sent and welcomed back Middle and High School Students from their respective mission trips to St. Louis and Chicago. My own son was one of those who went on his first mission trip and as a parent I’m thankful to the incredible student ministries team for the way they’ve impacted the world and my family.

    I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday and to bring a message of hope and life through the power of God and the transformational message of Jesus.

    Serving with you,



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